Lumo Expedition 2016 − Come along!


We have planned with our co-operator Suomen Kuvausmatkat Oy Ltd the Lumo Expedition. The trip is to offer an unique responsible trip in a good company to extremely interesting destination in a way that it’s not quite possible to experience otherwise.
We ended up to heading to Indian Himalayas to experience the sceneries of the snow leopard in February 2016. The odds to come across the snow leopard during the trip are good but for photographing, as always, luck is needed to get close enough the cat to have great images. What comes to photographing it’s necessary to accept the possibility that any pictures of snow leopard won’t be taken during the trip. The memorable adventure and experiencing the amazing landscapes of this endangered species habitat are the essential goals for the trip. To achieve magnificent images comes after that.
It’s hard to predict that will it be harder or easier to see snow leopards next winter than it has been the past years. Nature photographer and the managing director of the Suomen Kuvausmatkat Ltd Jouni Klinga will tell more about travelling in Himalaya and tracking snow leopards in Lumo 5. The snow leopard will be featured in the upcoming Lumos before and after the trip with current information of the species conservation.
Lumo’s editor and photographer Jukka Palm, who is also WWF Finland’s snow leopard sponsor, takes part in the Expedition 2016. Trip schedule in February and the final prices have accurate. Follow our web pages and read Lumo!

Dates: from Monday 15th February to Friday 26th February 2016, 12 days
Group: max. 8 persons
Price: starting from 3 980 euros

Contact information: Jukka Palm, + 358 44 0161326,

Download the Expedition 2016 pdf here!